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Lets Fight Drought

Donation Goal For This Project is $40,000
57% Donated/$17,000 To Go

Puntland, Somalia – A week after his inauguration, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo declared a state of disaster in his drought-stricken country of Somalia, where the lives of 6.2 million people are now at risk.

Even as the ongoing war against al-Shabab continues and African Union forces (AMISOM) fight to assist the fragile government, the looming famine has become a priority.

The drought will be a trial for all those involved in Somalia’s struggles. It will test the international community‚Äôs response, the government’s ability to assist, and the strength of security provided by the African Union forces.

In the far north of Somalia, three years with little rain has had increasingly disastrous effects for a population reliant on the land. The parched earth has failed to produce food for the camels and goats that the people depend on for their income, meat, and milk for their children.

Local leaders in Puntland estimate the pastoralists have already lost 65 percent of their animals. While the men accompany the remaining livestock in the hunt for grazing land, the women and children are migrating towards towns on main roads in search of alternative sources of food.

Displaced people have been setting up tents along the roads in hope of receiving aid from passing vehicles.

It’s there the women, children, and elderly wait for assistance in the heat and dust. In the coming months, if the word famine is used to describe the crisis in Somalia, it will mean that help never came.

Region No. of Donors Amount Currency
Canada 30 5600 USD
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