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Prevent Famine in Somalia

Donation Goal For This Project is $100,000
3% Donated/$96,312 To Go

Nearly half of Somalia’s population (6.2 million) are experiencing serious drought that has the risk of turning into famine. Adar Foundation is ready to scale up its small efforts and respond to the drought in order to be part of the international and local efforts so to prevent humanitarian catastrophe. However, without your support and generous donations, Adar Foundation will not be able to meet the challenge and safe more lives. Please donate now.


espite these unsettled conditions, Adar Foundation has been operating in Somalia since 1991, when it became the first American non-governmental organization to arrive in the war-torn Somali capital of Mogadishu after the overthrow of President Siad Barre. Throughout the past two decades, we have implemented Primary Health Care, Nutrition, Emergency Feeding, Water/Sanitation/Hygiene (WASH) and Post Harvest Storage programs in Somalia.

Region No. of Donors Amount Currency
Canada 30 5000 USD
USA 50 7000 USD
England 20 4000 USD
Spain 30 5000 USD


Drought & Famine Emergency Response

As the number of Somalis in need of emergency humanitarian assistance due to the drought and ensuing famine has increased by 50 percent since April 2011, Adar Foundation is preparing to address emergency nutrition and WASH needs in Central Somalia and addressing nutrition needs in Somaliland. Through funding from OFDA, we will roll out nutrition and WASH resources for drought-affected communities in Abudwak district of Galgaduud region.

Emergency Feeding

Despite arduous conditions in south central Somalia, including fighting between insurgent and Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces, Adar Foundation operated an emergency feeding program as part of its primary health care activities in the area. The Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program supported both out-patient therapeutic feeding (OTP) and supplementary feeding (SFP) centers that served a target population of about 115,000 in the Beletweyne District

Post Harvest Storage

Adar Foundation worked with about 1,400 households in Bakool and Hiraan regions to boost both seed and grain harvest storage protection through the use of metal silos. In Somalia’s harsh climate conditions an estimated 20-30% of harvested grain is lost before it is sold or consumed because it is stored in vulnerable areas, usually in underground pits.
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