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Tasks handled since inception

Elementary School

Adar Foundation funded elementary school in a village in Somalia. In collaboration with Himilio Relief and Development Association (HIRDA), Adar Foundation has managed to fund Sarinley Primary School in southern Somalia.

Alleviating Crisis

Adar Foundation is involved in alleviating the humanitarian crisis within Somalia, and addresses the Millennium Development Goals. 

Bardhere High School

Adar Foundation also played a vital role in the establishment of Bardhere High School that was funded and managed by HIRDA.


Dr. Hawa Abdi was mentioned as one of the heroes uner the radar in Adar Foundation’s co-founder testimonty of June 17, 2010 hearing on Somalia’s humanitarian crisis and impact on women and children that took place at the US Congress’s foreign affairs committee June 17, 2010 Testimony on Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia¬†

Scholarship Grants

Adar Foundation granted scholarship to three students to pursue higher education at the Mogadishu University in Somalia.


Adar Foundation also fundraised for Dr. Hawa Abdi in 2010 in support of Dr. Hawa Abdi’s amazing humanitarian effort in Afgoye caridor.¬†

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