Frequently Asked Questions

What is your role as Founders within Adar Foundation?
Adar Foundation is an organization that was founded by Somali American sisters to provide humanitarian services, help repair our broken nation through improved education and development.
The organization was named after our mother (Adar Aw_Adan Yusuf) who lost all of her institutional memories due Alzheimer's disease.  Our mother was very charitable person.  After the Somali civil war started in 1991, I watched her divide her meager monthly income into small equal portions to divide between relatives, friends, and neighbors who were stuck back home who happen to be worse off than her.
No matter how small the money was, she would always divide it and send it to make sure everyone had a bit of what she could afford. As her condition deteriorated, she slowly lost the ability to remember those who depended on her continuous charity. To continue her legacy on a bigger scale, we founded this organization to remember her selflessness and it has become what it is today- an organization that serves the community, both in the US and in Somalia.
Through partnership and collaboration with other like-minded NGOs we aim to enhance the overall welfare of the Somali community in the United States and Somalia.
Adar Foundation for Reparation and Development of Somalia is a 501(c)(3) charity organization with TAX ID:54-1993398

Address : 4900 Leesburg Pike, Suite 405; Alexandria, VA 22302

Phone: +1 703 951 7662

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